Portfolio problems after theme update

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Portfolio problems after theme update

Hello Mitch,

I hope you see this soon because I'm loosing my mind.

I have been running version 1.3 or 1.4 (not sure) of the theme and everything was looking good. I finally got around to installing version 1.5 today but unfortunately it has caused some problems in my portfolio which are also reflected on the homepage.

Visit www.omnedia.co and you'll immediately see the problem.

On the homepage I'm using the 4 column portfolio block but it is now broken over 2 lines due to the appearance of a gray border around each item.

On the portfolio page, the gray border is also around each item, turning 5 columns in to 4. Also, the text at the top of the page is also now in a gray box.

Please help - I can't understand what's gone wrong.