"Remember" the isotope filter

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"Remember" the isotope filter


I have the following issue:

When you have page with an Isotope filter exposed you can click on a taxonomy term to filter, which works fine. Then you click on the image to go in the node itself.

When you then click back, the Isotope filter doesn't 'remember' what filter you used, so he goes back to the page with all non-filtered items.

Is there a way (maybe even by creating additional views) to 'remember' the filter?

I'm open for any workaround... One of the things I though of was the following:

I can construct the URL to print the taxonomy term name in the URL. So my base URL to the page with Isotope filter is: www.url.com/portfolio where I then have 3 terms, I click on the term: Architecture.
Then click on the node to open one and my URL would then be: www.url.com/portfolio/architecture/node-nameµ

If I go back by using the back button of the browser, would it be technically possible to extract the term architecture from the URL and use this as a filter for Isotope?

Any other alternatives are more than welcome!

Thanks a lot!