Custom field and media conflict with "template"

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Custom field and media conflict with "template"


I Installed geolocation-7.x-1.4 and media-7.x-2.x-dev to the site.
My purpose was to add a google map field in content type, and the media browser button to ckeditor in order to include media inside the textflow of the pages.
This is working perfectly except for the content types where the "template" field is included.

Here you can see a video and a map (services content type, no template field)

here the result if I add the same exact items on a portfolio page

So I see markup instead of video, no map at all, and the share icons disappear as well

Is this by design or is there a way to handle this customization? (the reason I need it is to keep the "template" options while adding fields)

Thank you very much for your help
have a nice day!