Some comments after installation of demo 1.1

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Some comments after installation of demo 1.1


Here are some comments and questions after installation of BigWig Demo 1.1.

1. If I just unzip and overwrite everything on a new clean installation, it will also overwrite sites/default/files/.htaccess. And that is not good, because then you will disable a security patch from Drupal 7.26. I guess you should delete .htaccess from your zip-file.

2. After customers have installed the demo and restored the database dump, you should recommend them to go to the Status report and click on the link in the section Database updates. That is the same as running update.php. I believe the restored database dump "resets" some (in this case three) updates from Drupal 7.26. Or maybe you should just update the database dump.

3. Maybe you should mention in the documentation about path alias and the modules Global Redirect and Pathauto?

4. Concerning path alias: I have installed the localisation modules you mention (Locale, Content Translation, and Localization Update, but not i18n yet) and also installed Swedish language (and made it default language *without* prefix). It seems to work fine so far. I created an automatic alias for About Us (about-us) and it works also. But when I hover over the About Us menu item, the browser still shows ".../node/4" as url. Of course, when I click on the menu the url says - as expected - ".../about-us" (the Global Redirect works). But why doesn't the menu item have ".../about-us" as href. I don't recognize this problem from other Drupal installations I have made. Has it to do with your function bigwig_menu_link? I applied the update from (even if my issue is not the same as toresln) and have seen the questions and answers in Is it possible to solve this issue? Maybe use drupal_get_path_alias('node/' . $nid); in the function somehow?

5. I saw this on the About US page, which has to do with css: .testimonial .speech {
background: url("/d7/bigwig/sites/all/themes/bigwig/img/skin/speech.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); . Left ower hard coding which need to be changed? Can this error be found on more places?

6. I would suggest you to install and activate the module Administration menu and deactivate Overlay and Toolbar in the demo. Of course, this is a matter of opinion, but for most users, I think, it would be simpler and quicker to administrate the site with the Administration menu.

Thanks once again for a very nice and well-built theme!